Jonas Ribe

PhD Research

Jonas Ribe does research in the field of microfluidics. By controlling fluids in channels smaller than the width of a human hair his research group aims to make new types of biomedical platforms. These lab-on-a-chip devices can revolutionize the way diseases such as cancer are detected and treated.


Highlights App

Highlights app

A Mac app for extracting PDF annotations. PDF highlights, notes and images are translated to Markdown for easy editing. You can keep taking notes or share your highlights via email or save to Evernote for future reference.

A user-generated process database for standard micro-/nanofabrication processes in NTNU NanoLab (the biggest cleanroom in Norway). The database is an open-access GitHub wiki where users can submit and discuss processes through the GitHub issues platform.

Waiting for Vacuum

Waiting for Vacuum is an outlet for thoughts on research and productivity written by yours truly. Waiting for Vacuum strives to improve the ways we use our digital tools in the real world. The focus is on research related activities using Apple technology.