Jonas Ribe

If you can't beat them, tempt them over to your side..

Speaking of Teslas popularity in Norway (translated from Stavanger Aftenblad, a Norwegian newspaper):

In March alone, 250 people in Rogaland will receive their Teslas. If we add that to the almost 450 Teslas already sold last fall, there are now over 700 Teslas on the road in Rogaland.

This means, that Rogaland now have a higher number of Teslas per capita than California or any other place in the world, said Andreas Nysted, sales director for Tesla Rogaland, on an event held by Grønn By in Stavanger Wednesday.

Rogaland is a region in Norway famous for oil and gas industry. Stavanger, the biggest city in the region, has traditionally expressed its wealth through expensive cars. Seeing the popularity of the Tesla Model S explode like this will drive adoption of electric vehicles like nothing else. If employees of oil and gas companys are the ones to move us away from fossile fules, that would just make the story better!